Eastbourne DGH Chaplaincy

Contact: (01323) 417400 Ext: 4145, or speak to the nursing team, available any time

The Chaplaincy Team is made up of ordained and lay men and women members of staff and volunteers.

We recognise that for many people who need to be admitted to hospital can be a challenging experience which touches on areas of life such as emotions, feelings, hopes and fears that they may not necessarily encounter.

Our aim is to help patients, relatives and staff address personal issues which may or may not be of a religious nature, including supporting people who need:

  • Help with understanding their experience of being in hospital
  • Someone to talk to in confidence about anything which is bothering them
  • Religious Support (guidance, prayers, Holy Communion, religious literature etc)
  • Pastoral Care (from someone who is caring, compassionate and kind)
  • Emotional support (time with someone who has a listening ear)
  • A way of facing difficult news with professionals who have the time to listen
  • To talk through life-threatening or ethical issues

The Trust is committed to respecting the diversity in culture and religion of all those in its care and has a Christian Chapel, multi-faith/Quiet Room and Chaplaincy Offices on Level 2, next to Michelham Ward. In delivering spiritual care, the ethos of our Chaplaincy Teams is to:

  • Offer companionship on the journey
  • Ensure the unquestioning acceptance of every individual concerned
  • Provide a caring listening ear
  • Treat everybody with dignity and respect, in total confidentiality
  • Not take a high moralistic stance
  • Never be judgemental in any way or impose personal beliefs on individuals
  • Provide religious, spiritual and pastoral care to patients, relatives, carers, and staff regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, colour, physical ability, or belief.