Shinewater Shaftesbury Centre

We are an advice and counselling service, situated in the Community of Eastbourne and all our services are free or by donation, and confidential.

Our mission is to provide accessible services in a safe, welcoming and non- judgmental environment. Our trained advisors offer advice with debt and money issues, benefits, housing, pensions and employment issues, consumer and community issues. They can help you through the whole process from initial form filling through to a positive result. The service can be simply to complete a form, which looks challenging, to supporting you with your debts, sorting priorities and negotiating with creditors. The counselling service provides help and support in dealing with a wide
range of challenging issues. There is no time limit to the service, though there are regular reviews. This has helped people to successfully deal with various situations and many have said it was ‘life changing’.

We are based in the Shinewater area though services are offered in a variety of venues throughout Eastbourne.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like any further information.

Milfoil Drive
BN23 8BR
Tel: 01323 760654